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Our Philosophy

Cornucopia Enterprise also has a non profit section that has a 501-c 3 in addition to the for profit section. Thus for special projects we have flexibility serve client needs.  For certain qualifying projects (these must meet our criteria and approval) that might help educate the public,  inquire about our program to donate a small or appropriate greenhouse of our selection to client projects that we also produce a paid documentary, film or feature print article for.

Cornucopia's philosophy is the same as the great philosophers of the history. There are 5 elements in survivorship, in other words, basic needs or physical needs for mankind are: Air, Water, Earth (food), Fire (energy, heat) Shelter (sleep,safety). You cut one of those and you're dead! The building blocks of the 5 elements of survivorship are the same in nature. We breathe the air. It must be pure and not polluted. Wind is the natural source of renewing the air. Without air we cannot survive after 2 minutes! Water is also necessary for us to survive. It must be clean and fresh and not poisoned and filled with chemicals or we will end up with liver or kidney cancer and after many years finally we will die.

Food is another basic need that comes from the earth. Mother nature provides us with natural sources of edible crops and meat from the food chain. Without food we can survive a week or two and then the body gradually dies. Finally after nourishing the body, we need shelter. A place to survive from the extreme cold and heat of the outer world, which includes wild animals in a jungle or wild humans in a city! A shelter in nature equals to the source of energy. It provides an enclosed environment to exchange the energy in a desirable degree. Fire was the first source of energy known to humanity! As the civilizations grew, mankind had access to other resources like wood, coal, oil, and gas, and nowadays, electricity, solar, wind, nuclear, ethanol, etc.

After all the four elements are provided in balance, the body needs to rest and restore; sleep is a necessary need for human function. One of the methods of torture in dictatorships for prisoners is to be awake by force for days. In nature sunset and sunrise provides a cycle for restoration of the body and mind. Mother nature continues to function in different levels of activities. For example, plants absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide at night, and soil naturally releases the heat absorbed throughout the daytime.

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