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Global View:

One: Food production is becoming more expensive.

Two: Fruits and vegetables are traveling an average of 1700 miles to get to your local grocery store.

Three: Mass production methods have reduced taste, texture, and vitamin content.

The Result: We are getting lower quality of fruits and vegetables for our money.

Our Mission:

First: Educate the world to bring food production closer to the population center. This will result in spending less on food delivery costs, transportation, preserving fuel and gasoline, and less air pollution.

Second: Educate the world to consume more organic products for a healthier, longer lifestyle.

Third: Using a greenhouse. You can live on the edge of independence when powering your house with solar and/or wind energy, even in the most secluded places. You can live a stress free life producing energy and having access to natural well water and growing your fresh, organic food. We have always believed in treating our planet with respect.

With a Cornucopia Greenhouse, you will:

  • Enhance crop growth, yield & quantity
  • Increase profitability up to 50%
  • Significantly modify the environment
  • Extend your growing season
  • Increase air volume
  • Protect from rain, wind, hail, snow, & excessive sun
  • Maintain even temperatures
  • Reduce labor costs by over 50%
  • Provide more growing space
  • Raise soil temperatures
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides
  • Control humidity buildup
  • Achieve better air quality
  • Grow year round
  • Outgrow your competition
  • Bring crops to market earlier
  • Reduce moisture-related diseases
  • Provide easy access for tractors
  • Plant and harvest regardless of the weather
  • Keep out crows and other predators that damage crops

Give Back:

One way to show our gratitude is by giving back to our communities and supporting people. You can join us by participating in this humanitarian effort in several ways:

• To be a volunteer by giving some of your time and joining our group of volunteers who are helping us in the process of food production in the green houses by donating a couple hours of their time.

• Help us to harvest and deliver green house production by taking it to a local church or an organization or a local food bank to support families in need.

• Participate in fund-raising activities. We have products for sale, which a big portion of profits will support nutritional needs of city orphanages.

• Schools, Universities, Communities, Clubs, Interested Individuals, Farmers, even businesses that wish to show social responsibility can participate.

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